About Ms. Yoder

Hello there! I am a fifth grade teacher in the Holland Public School District. I grew up playing in my mother’s classrooms as she got ready for her students each year and since those years, I have known that I wanted to be a teacher. With a lot of hard work and determination, I graduated from Western Michigan University with a B.A. in Elementary Education and a content major in Language Arts. Each semester in college I was placed on the Dean’s List. It is a constant joke that I am the “forever student” because I have been in school my whole life, and now I am a teacher in a school!

I graduated from Holland High School in 2014. My whole school career before college was within the Holland Public School District. I graduated with Honors and a 3.991 GPA.


This is my motto, not only for school, but for life in general. Many times we get lost in the standards and requirements that we are instructed to meet and we lose the creativity of ourselves. My goal is to make sure that my students are not only learning the material that they need to, but never losing sight of who they are. I will challenge them to think outside the box and take advantage of their creative sides while at the same time learning.